Make an Especial Three Store Wedding Cake


What could be more satisfying than presenting your guests with a wedding cake made by you?

Here are the elements of the wedding cake

Three superimposed cakes. Choose a recipe of your choice for the preparation of your cakes.

One frosting. It serves to coat the cake. You can add a food coloring for more fancy. Here too, you are free to choose the recipe that suits you and your favorite flavor!


Here’s the hardware you’ll need for assembly:

  1. Three cake molds (one small, one medium and one large)
  2. Transparent film
  3. Aluminum foil
  4. A plastic tray (for the base)
  5. Toothpicks with rounded tip
  6. 2 foam discs (the size of the two upper floors)
  7. A pastry brush
  8. Edible decorations (or fruits, chocolate chips, etc.)
  9. Liquid syrup or caramel (without dye)


First prepare your three cakes. Once cooked and cooled, wrap each one in clear film and then in foil and freeze.

Take your plastic tray and install the base of the assembled piece (the biggest cake). Open it in the middle and cover the syrup cake with the brush. Close it and then apply your icing on the cake. Let it dry.

Repeat this same operation for the different floors.

Once each cake covered with topping, mount the different levels. To do this, form 2 circles of toothpicks based on your wedding cake, one about 7 centimeters from center and the other at 4 centimeters. Install the second floor on your toothpicks by inserting a circle of foam between the two cakes.

Repeat the same operation for the top floor, planting your spikes at 5 and 3 centimeters respectively from the center of the second cake.

Your piece is now up! All you have to do is tackle the decoration. To personalize it to the maximum, it’s up to you to play. You can use chocolate chips, berries, ribbons or edible flowers, everything is allowed!