Cold tea, as the name suggests is to use cold water tea (cold water is not referring to ice water, but refers to the cold water or room temperature of mineral water), sounds a bit novel, but it is the summer 360 ° no dead fire thing.

 Summer drink cold tea advantages:

It bid farewell to the hot tea sweat but keep the health and fresh tea.

It is fresh tea, can be a complete extraction of tea aroma and flavour, delicious long lasting.

It can be used with a variety of fruit derived from numerous combinations, flavour jam and syrup is also a good partner.

It is not only delicious, and the production is very convenient, white can also be easily completed.

Is it too hard to wait? Now we learn together how to make cold tea.

First step

Before the production of cold tea need to prepare the items: can be used as a cold bottle or pot (directly with a mineral water bottle can also), suitable for cold tea, warm water (cold water or room-temperature mineral water).

The second step

Will be a certain percentage of tea (according to personal taste appropriate delivery) into the normal temperature of water (cold water or normal temperature of the mineral water) can be.

Third step

Will be a good mix of cold tea temperature for 2-4 hours to drink, the pursuit of ice tea friends can also be cold tea into the refrigerator, placed 6 to 8 hours after the removal, at room temperature 3 to 5 minutes can be.

There is also a lazy system:

Buy a bottle of mineral water, pinch a handful of tea thrown into, shake a few times, you can go out and then drink at any time.

This is the hot summer days the simplest taste bud game, it is better to try it, readily be able to make a cup of summer health drinks.

Homemade cold tea Note:

The production of cold tea recommended green tea, white tea, black tea, green tea and other high-quality tea.

After drinking can continue to water, is still room temperature water.

Tea in the content of theanine in the low-temperature conditions are more likely to precipitate, often drink can prevent stroke, heart disease and obesity.

Such as cold tea in the refrigerator for too long, then cannot eat (standing time up to 48 hours, and the best time to drink into the refrigerator after 24 hours).

Bad stomach friends can use the usual temperature of mineral water or pure water to produce cold tea, soaking time can be shortened to 4 hours.

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